Juneau Sunset


 After an exhausting hike up the mountain, I had no idea what I would find at the top. I looked out into the setting sun and I stood in awe of the scenic beauty. The wind was blowing briskly. The fog from the ocean was rolling into the inlet of the mountain range. The clean fresh smell of nature permeated the air. Darkness was approaching with the night falling behind me. The sun was setting, and along with its departure was the last light of the day. It was a majestic moment to photograph.

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It Is Never Too Late, Never!


There were many days after I turned 40 that I thought life had passed me by. I saw folks around me succeeding and I thought "What about me?". Then one day the light bulb in my brain switched to "on". I looked at my life differently. I started to go after my dreams and denounced my fears and held to my faith.

At 54, I feel like I have just begun to scratch the surface of living my dreams

I took on scary challenges and I was successful after taking them on. I learned how to swim and skydive, I trained and took on long-distance cycling, I hiked volcanoes, I traveled to places around the world I could only dream about going to in the past, I became a National Geographic published photographer, I left a job and started two businesses, etc and the list continues to grow. At 54, I feel like I have just begun to scratch the surface of living my dreams. It's never too late, never. Dream big and live life like you mean it. You can do this.