My Life Statement

These six words have transformed the way I live my life. Many years ago I heard these words on then "The Living Channel" .  I promised myself that these words would be the foundation of my life.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  I think living in a city that is an international hub is a wonderful thing. This gives me the ability to launch out to almost any place in the world.

Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to travel the globe.  My objective has been and is to get to know the many diverse people who share our planet.  I thrive on getting to know their customs and culture.  I am thrilled by the empowerment that comes through the knowledge of being educated by the people of our world.  But what excites me most is the ability to share that knowledge with others.

I have a love and passion for architecture + interior design, nature, and world history.  And this passion motivates me to travel and experience all that the world has to offer.  We who inhabit this great planet we call earth have so much to share with one another.  That is why I travel. 

Another love for me is trying and tasting different food dishes.  Yes, I am a foodie for sure.  I enjoy indulging into a platter of unique flavors prepared by someone from a wonderful culture. I love foods from all over the world.  I like to take in a good local beer or wine from the region I am visiting.  There is nothing better to me like a delicious meal with a bottle of local wine when traveling.

When I am not traveling domestically or internationally, I participate in local fundraisers and events.  I am a cyclist, hiker + art gallery and museum hopper.  My favorite museums are the Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and MoMa.  I love art gallery hopping in Soho and Chelsea in New York City.  I cycle long distances to bring awareness to different causes and also to benefit different charities.

I consider it an honor to share with you my life experiences here on my blog.  I want to give you current information and advice about events, activities, restaurants and travels to help and inspire you to "live life like you mean it!". 

Live Life, and GO!

Ron Foster